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Methylated Peptides

Protein methylation typically takes place on arginine or lysine amino acid residues in the protein sequence. Arginine can be methylated once (monomethylated arginine) or twice, with either both methyl groups on one terminal nitrogen (asymmetric dimethylated arginine) or one on both nitrogens (symmetric dimethylated arginine) by peptidylarginine methyltransferases (PRMTs). Lysine can be methylated once, twice or three times by lysine methyltransferases. Protein methylation has been most-studied in the histones. The transfer of methyl groups from S-adenosyl methionine to histones is catalyzed by enzymes known as histone methyltransferases. Histones that are methylated on certain residues can act epigenetically to repress or activate gene expression. Protein methylation is one type of post-translational modification.

Scilight provides wide range of methylated modification services:

Methylated Amino acids

Arg(Me),Arg(Me2) -Symetrical,Arg(Me2) -Asymetrical

Lys(Me2), Lys(Me), Lys(Me3)

Tyr(Me), Thr(Me), Ser(Me)

N-Me Ala, N-Me-Arg,  N-Me-Asp, N-Me-Gly, N-Me-Glu , N-Me-Ile,  N-Me Leu,  N-Me-Met,N-Me Phe, N-Me Ser, N-Me Val

The list can go on. Please contact us if the methylated amino acids of your insterest is not on the list.