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Scilight Biotechnology LLC was established in 2002 in Beijing, China. Over the years, Scilight has grown into the major supplier of custom peptides for the rapidly growing Chinese users. At the same time, the demand from users around the world, especially in North America and Europe, has been growing in parallel and amounts to significant portion of the total products. With the large scale production capacity, technology advantage and superior service network, Scilight is aimed to provide high quality products and best service to our clients, with continuous supplies of custom peptides synthesized from milligrams to hundreds of grams.

Scilight is backed by an active team with rich experiences specialized in peptide synthesis and strong capability of research and development. The team has developed complicated technologies such as Phosphorylation, Biotinylation, Cyclic Peptides Preparation, Fluorescence/dye Labeling Peptides, etc., and applied in terminal modifications of synthesized peptides.

Tens of thousands of biologically active peptides with various sequences, created and produced by Scilight’s internally developed technologies have been provided to the research communities around the world. Thanks to the experience and strong R&D capacity, Scilight has established long term cooperation within China and internationally with many universities, research institutes, well-recognized research organization and pharmaceutical companies.